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DS Services (Alhambra) workers vote for union representation

After a long organizing drive that included educating the employees on union busting tactics and the benefits of having a collective bargaining agreement, on April 25, the employees of DS Services of Manteca voted 25-12 in favor of having Teamsters Local 439 be their union representative.

The organizing team did an amazing job in keeping the group together and keeping the union informed on what was being said and handed out at the union busting meetings.

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Big fight at Tracy Logistics for one new member

Teamsters Local 439 represents about 443 members at Tracy Logistics in Stockton, so when their lone Pest Control worker asked to organize, we didn’t think it would be a problem for the company to add one more classification to the existing contract.

Unfortunately, due to greed and the need for control, the company denied the union’s request for card check using an “Armour-Globe” election, which easily allows non-union units in an otherwise union shop to join the union.

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Filld drivers vote union Yes!

On June 14, the drivers at Filld voted 65-35% in an NLRB election to affiliate with Local 287. “We are looking forward to starting negotiations,” says Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Sweeney.

Founded in 2015, Filld is a mobile fueling company that delivers fuel to individual consumers and to fleets.

As market demands shift, Filld’s trucks and technology platform will transition to support electric vehicle charging and delivery of other alternative energy fuels.

Located in San Jose,

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Great contract for City/County of SF Teamsters

Teamster members who drive the construction vehicles for the City and County of San Francisco are now doing that work with a little more of a smile. Local 853 members haul the big equipment, the tractor trucks that clean out the sewers, the water trucks, and more. On May 9, those 200 Teamsters overwhelmingly ratified their new three-year agreement, and according to Business Rep Dan Harrington, “It’s the best contract we’ve been able to get in the last 20 years.”

Harrington explained that the negotiations had to go to mediation,

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Lobby Day Brings Teamsters Power to State Capitol

More than 50 Local 2010 members hit the State Capitol in full force on June 5 showing Teamster power to support our bills for the fair treatment of workers. The day started early with travel to Sacramento and kicked off with a brief orientation. Then members hit the hallways to meet with over a dozen legislators and aides to encourage them to vote to restore salary steps for California State University workers and paycheck protections for University of California workers.

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