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Saluting Ernie Yates, retired Local 665 principal officer


Ernie Yates, former principal officer of Teamsters Local 665, died on November 30. The following is a joint statement from Local 665 Executive Board principal officer Tony Delorio and Mike Yates, president of Local 665 and son of Ernie Yates:

“Our union brother, Ernie Yates, was a Teamster his entire working life. His guidance, wisdom, and leadership benefited the lives of countless working men and women through his tireless efforts at the negotiation table and in worker advocacy in California and the United States.

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GreenWaste drivers and mechanics vote for union; expand base in that industry

The 40 drivers and mechanics at GreenWaste of Palo Alto in Santa Clara, Calif., voted overwhelmingly on November 17 to become Teamsters. This group will join join the thousands of waste workers throughout the Bay Area already represented by Local 350.

“Ever since I started working for this company, I felt we needed representation. Everyone around us was doing better because they were Teamsters. We’ve seen the support, protection, and contracts they get from the union.

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Package Drivers Win Massive Award from Delayed Start Time Arbitration

In a major arbitration victory announced in November for Teamsters Local 2785 UPS package drivers, members are getting justice after a long battle against the company for skimping on drivers’ overtime pay.

The fight began with a grievance filed by the Local in response to the company delaying drivers’ start times. Persistence by the union led to a favorable arbitration ruling and a remedy of $1.6 million for drivers at three UPS centers in San Francisco,

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Best-ever new contract for SF parking workers

More than 1,200 union members who work in the parking industry in San Francisco’s commercial and hotel sector announced unanimous approval of a new 4-year agreement slated to provide the best wages and benefits in that industry, nationwide.

“We’re very proud of this agreement,” said Tony DeIorio, Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 665. “It will continue to provide economic security and job protections for workers at nearly 300 off-street parking locations in our City.”

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New and brighter futures for cannery workers

More than 4,000 members who work in the cannery industry across the Central Valley ratified their new collective bargaining agreements in July.

Stanislaus Foods and Con Agra Brands, two national industry leaders in tomato processing, were part of the three-year Master Agreement. The 2,400 members at those two facilities agreed to a contract that also contains historic wage and benefit increases. The Master Agreement also covers Local 856 members in San Joaquin County and several other locations in Northern California.

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