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New Leadership Elected at IBT

After a hard-fought campaign, the votes have been counted and the O’Brien-Zuckerman Teamsters United slate has been elected by a significant margin to lead the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for the next five years.

Congratulations to the new officers, particularly General President-Elect Sean O’Brien. They face numerous challenges ahead — for the Teamsters Union, the labor movement and all working people.

No matter who you supported, now is the time to unite our union and move forward together.

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IBT Women’s conference celebrates “High Stakes and Standards”

Coming together for the 20th IBT Women’s Conference from September 12-15, Teamsters paid homage to the Las Vegas location with the theme “High Stakes and Standards.” As Conference Chair Nina Bugbee said as she opened the event, “if you bet on a Teamster woman to get the job done, it’s the smartest bet you’ll make.”

In the last major event of his 22-year administration, IBT President James Hoffa spoke about some of the many accomplishments his administration has achieved over the previous 18 months—from electing the most pro-union president ever,

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Ten-day strike for health care

The fixed-route transit members of Teamsters Local 533 stood strong for ten days on an unfair labor practices strike that lasted from August 3-12, in Reno, Nevada. The members were on strike for the right to maintain their healthcare that is ever so valuable during a global pandemic. 

The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC Washoe), and its contractor Keolis Transit, the 70% French government-owned company that operates the bus services in Reno/Sparks and Washoe County,

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Seed workers vote union-YES!

Incotec workers in the Salinas Valley voted to become Teamsters in June. Incotec is a seed enhancement specialist that improves the quality of seed technology. The work performed by the new members contributes significantly to the development of sustainable agriculture. 

The employees at Incotec were inspired to seek union representation because they wanted to be treated with respect on the job. The union election was held by mail. Even though the company held several anti-union meetings,

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Member takes quick action

Local 150 member Jim Stenson is a Driver for American Metals in West Sacramento.  On August 30, 2021,  he was driving down Interstate 80 in Richmond and witnessed a carjacking in progress. A fugitive on the run from law enforcement was attempting to pull a woman out of her vehicle by her hair just 2 vehicles ahead of his tractor. 

Jim, an active shop steward with Local 150 and an 18-year veteran Class A driver with American Metals,

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