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Joint Council 7 leaders meet to build unity and power

Increasing the size and effectiveness both of Joint Council 7 and its 20 Locals that span Northern California, the Central Valley, and Northern Nevada, was precisely the goal of JC7’s recent seminar in South Lake Tahoe. The 9th Annual JC7 Seminar had skipped two years, due to the pandemic, but, as JC7 President Jason Rabinowitz told the largest Seminar to date, “it’s great to be back in person.” 

Starting with a plan

Even before the Seminar began,

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Excellent Butte County contract

Local 137’s bargaining team for the second Butte County contract—Business Agents Misty Tanner and Derek Hawley, and a crew of stewards—are proud of the new contract that they negotiated and the members overwhelmingly ratified in June. 

“This is a significant offer,” says Tanner. “Because we pushed the county to conduct a Classification/Compensation study, some members will see wage increases of as much as 24.12%, bringing their wages in line with neighboring counties.”

Tanner explains that the three-year contract provides protections for and increased contributions to the medical plans.

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Solid 5-year deal at C&S

Local 150 has secured another unprecedented contract for its members at the C&S/GMD Warehouse in Sacramento.

 “Business Agent Doug Secord has negotiated and ratified one of the best contracts ever for our members,” says Local 150 Secretary-Treasurer Dale Wentz. “Doug was able to secure an increase in wages of $5.25 over five years, with $2.25/hour the first year of the contract, and a $1.00/hour increase in pension contributions over the term of the contract.

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Contra Costa County Workers demand fair contract

Thousands of Contra Costa County workers continue to fight for a fair contract. They’ve held 12 actions since late April and called on the Board of Supervisors to support workers by addressing the current staffing crises and agreeing to a fair contract for workers. 

“The more than 2,000 Teamsters Local 856 members at Contra Costa County are not just fighting for themselves,” said Peter Finn, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 856. “They are fighting for the dignity of all county workers and to protect the services for the people of Contra Costa.

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California Waste Solutions members ratify new contract

On April 19, 2022, the 72 drivers and mechanics at California Waste Solutions (CWS) in San Jose voted nearly unanimously to ratify their new collective bargaining agreement.

“I thank the members at CWS for their patience through the long process. They trusted their local to get the best deal possible for them, with language improvements and an economic package that bridges the gap between neighboring counties,” said Local 350 President Sergio Arranaga. “A special thanks to Larry Daugherty;

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