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Doug Bloch, Political Director

Political Director's Report

Automation will impact jobs; how much is up to us

In the past few months, the issues around automation and driverless trucks have become a major focus for Joint Council 7. You may ask why Teamsters should care about automation. The answer is the potential “robot apocalypse.” Some people estimate upwards of four million transportation workers will lose their jobs to automation in the next 5-20 years. Whether and how that happens  will depend on how our employers and our union act on the issue of automation.

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The Sacramento Report

Raising Important Worker Issues in the 2018 Legislative Session

The Legislature is back in full swing in Sacramento, and we expect an eventful session with both the Senate and Assembly poised to take on some very weighty issues.

Sexual harassment is the issue of the day; the scandals that first came to light in Hollywood are coming to roost in California politics. A handful of legislators have already been forced to resign or take leave, and there certainly will be more to come.

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Legal Update