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Trish Suzuki Blinstrub
Political Director

Political Director's Report

Every Teamster vote counts

As we watched the election results come in, we were reminded just how much every vote counts. The March Presidential Primary had incredibly low turnout. That means there will be races won by very narrow margins. That also means every Teamster vote counts in a much bigger way.

This past election cycle, we endorsed candidates running for county Board of Supervisors, City Council, State Assembly, State Senate, and Congressional seats. Each of our Locals in their respective territories interviewed hundreds of candidates and chose those who we felt best aligned with our Teamster priorities.

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The Sacramento Report

Drivers testify about autonomous vehicles

Drivers testified to the DMV at a January 27 hearing about their on-the-road concerns about the introduction of Autonomous Trucks without human drivers. Powerful stuff. This is not only about safety on the road for Teamster drivers and the driving public, it’s also about the future of good driving jobs in this country. Thanks to Assembly Member Cecilia Curry-Aguiar and Tom Lackey for introducing AB316; this bill will ensure that all vehicles over 10,000 pounds have a human operator.... Read more »

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