President’s Report

The recall election is bad for California and bad for Teamsters — Just vote no!

Millionaire Republicans who want to roll back the clock on California’s worker protections are funneling big money into a campaign to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom. Let me be clear: If they succeed, we’ll lose many of the big gains we made on higher wages, pensions, health and safety, and a lot more.

To protect our contract, wages, and health care, I ask that you join me in voting NO on the Recall.

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Members must all vote in the upcoming Teamster election

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Convention just ended. Unfortunately, it was not the normal week in Las Vegas with 2,000 sisters and brothers, but rather it was a virtual, zoom-based three-day convention. In the end, the business of our union was handled and dispensed with successfully, and the nominations for the International General Executive Board were held and completed.

Overall, and surprisingly to me, the technology actually functioned pretty well, and the voting and discussions on proposals,

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Light at the end of the long COVID and Trump tunnels

Finally, some upbeat news to report after a year of pandemic shutdown and horror stories about the over 500,000 deaths in our country from COVID—too many of them our members. We’ve seen story after story about the hardships many of you have had to endure due to the COVID collateral damage to jobs, the economy, and to many of the companies you work for. However, things are finally looking up.

Members who have been out of work are being called back.

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COVID and politics both impact our members

In an effort to stem the increasing COVID-19 infections and to hang on until the vaccines became available, most public jurisdictions within Joint Council 7’s geographic area are again mandating shutdowns. For a while, it looked like the infections were subsiding and perhaps we were seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I have again required the Joint Council to move back to shut-down stages.


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Teamsters — essential workers and essential voters

We are nine months into a year so bizarre that no fiction writer in the world could have dreamed up the unprecedented scenario we are all going through. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life for everyone and perhaps has changed life for workers for the future.

Economic effects of the pandemic

Of course, Teamsters have been essential workers from the very beginning—making sure that life-sustaining products were in the stores and hospitals so that the rest of society could survive and function. 

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Rome Aloise, President