President’s Report

Teamsters, California labor united in fighting robot vehicles on our roads

As the “Endless Summer of Solidarity” continues into the fall, and the labor movement is flexing its muscles like never before, Teamsters Joint Council 7 continues to lead the biggest battles, taking on greedy tech corporations and other anti-Union employers on every front – and winning!

We are taking on the fight to protect our jobs and safety from dangerous robot vehicles. We moved Assembly Bill 316, which would require a human safety operator on board autonomous vehicles over 10,000 pounds.

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Joint Council 7 Leading the Charge for Workers’ Rights and Public Safety this Summer

Joint Council 7 is firing on all cylinders, as our 19 powerful Locals continue to unite and build our power to protect and expand the rights of working people in Northern California and Northern Nevada. 

Joint Council 7 continues to lead the way in our fight to save our jobs and safe roads from dangerous driverless vehicles.  Our priority bill, AB 316, will require every autonomous truck over 10,000 pounds operating on California roads to have a licensed professional driver on board to ensure safety. 

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Joint Council 7 starts new year well-positioned for success

Teamsters Joint Council 7 wrapped up a highly successful 2022, building the unity and strength of our union, winning victories for working people, and placing us in a strong position to take on the great challenges we face in 2023, including our fight for a fair contract at UPS.

We began the year with a transition in leadership, and a Joint Council that was divided after a contentious election in our International Union.

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JC7: United and building power to win for workers

Joint Council 7 continues our work to unify and strengthen our union to meet the challenges ahead.  Our Joint Council comprises 20 powerful local unions across Northern California and Nevada, representing 100,000 hardworking Teamsters in every industry. When we stand in unity, we have the power to win strong contracts, fair wages and working conditions for working people. Great challenges lie ahead in the coming year – our fight to win strong contracts at UPS and many other employers;

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When we stand together, we win together!

Teamsters Joint Council 7 leaders are uniting to build a stronger Union to win fair pay, benefits and rights for working people. The 20 powerful Locals in our Joint Council, representing 100,000 hardworking Teamsters across Northern California and Northern Nevada, continue to set the pace for the entire country. As you will see in the pages of this newspaper, our Locals are successfully taking on greedy employers, fighting for and winning strong contracts, and organizing thousands of workers into the union. 

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Jason Rabinowitz, President