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Motor Carriers Face New Challenge to Contract Driver Use


A California Supreme Court ruling threatens to upend the use of independent-contractor drivers by motor carriers in the state, creating turmoil for the trucking industry.

In Dynamex Operations West Inc. vs. Superior Court, the court adopted a narrower standard for determining if a worker is an employee or an independent contractor in California wage-and-hour disputes.

Most workers should be considered employees based on the intent of decades of California policy,

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Teamsters on Robots: If You Can’t Beat ’em, Build ’em

Source: Bloomberg Law

Organized labor as a whole is staring down the barrel of automation, but Teamsters in Silicon Valley have found a way to get a shot at jobs in the tech industry.

Manufacturers are gearing up to send delivery robots onto sidewalks, and cities are developing regulations to control sidewalk traffic when the bots are ready to roll. Some California cities have agreed to include in those regulations provisions that encourage the robot makers to hire unionized workers for jobs in the industry.

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Apple, Google buses rerouted on Peninsula after apparent shooting damages windows

Source:  The San Francisco Examiner

Several tech buses have rerouted to use U.S. Highway 101 after someone apparently shot a pellet gun at the buses on Interstate Highway 280, damaging the buses’ windows.

San Francisco’s “Google buses,” a term used for various tech commuter shuttles, have been vomited on, stalled by protesters dressed like clowns and parodied as pinatas.

Now an unknown assailant apparently used a pellet gun to shoot at the windows of commuter shuttles ferrying Apple and Google employees while they traveled down Interstate Highway 280 near Woodside Road on Tuesday,

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Both Democrats and Republicans mad at ‘lords of Silicon Valley’

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

It was telling that former White House adviser Steve Bannon dismissed the allegations of sexual harassment against GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama because they came from the “Bezos-Amazon Washington Post.”

Blaming a tech company taps into a growing populist — and bipartisan — resentment against what Bannon describes as “the lords of Silicon Valley.”While people may love their iPhones, and the public’s opinion of Google and Facebook remains high,

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