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UC Teamsters are speaking out!

Local 2010’s Bargaining Team continues to meet with the University of California to negotiate a successor agreement for the CX Unit, which has been extended by mutual agreement through June 2022. While there are still many member rights articles pending, the union Bargaining Team made a wage proposal to the UC team on May 19.

Jamal Colter, Bargaining Team member from UC San Francisco, addressed the UC Board of Regents about the high cost of living and workers’ salaries not keeping up.

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Two solid contracts ratified

OK Produce: The 230 members who work in the OK Produce warehouse in Fresno and are drivers, who work primarily across Northern California, overwhelmingly ratified an early three-year agreement, reports President Peter Nuñez.

“The company was willing to sit down and bargain and our guys did a good job on that one,” says Nuñez. “The members got significant wage increases, improvements to their health and welfare, and increased pension contributions. 

Cherokee Freight Lines: About 200 drivers in Locals 431 and 439 share a contract with Cherokee Freight Lines.

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Wading through a sea of retaliation in search of first contract at AAA

Over 60 members, supporters, and elected officials rallied on May 31 in front of the Stockton AAA branch, where the insurance giant is closing its fourth highest-grossing branch out of 78 in retaliation against one of Local 665’s biggest supporters. 

“These workers chose to organize with us because AAA is outsourcing high-paying, middle-class careers into churn-and-burn, low-paying, high-turnover telemarketing jobs,” said Tony Delorio, Local 665 Secretary-Treasurer. “AAA needs to stop acting like a hedge fund and start acting like a membership association.

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Fighting back with pride

When UPS took no action after the union reported that a supervisor made a homophobic comment, Local 533 jumped into action. The Local has started an LGBTQ+ group, which is growing rapidly.  

“We are determined to make a difference both in the community and workplace for all members or allies in support of the LGBTQ+ community,” says Secretary-Treasurer Debbie Calkins. 

This logo will be screen-printed onto t-shirts and tank tops and will be available to purchase for $20.00. 

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Liquor drivers ratify first contract

After voting to unionize in 2021 by a vote of 17 to 1, the 25 drivers from Zephyr Express (Winebow) in Benicia unanimously ratified their first contract in March. These drivers deliver alcohol to grocery stores, BevMo stores, and other liquor retailers.

“We believe that the talks went smoothing precisely because of the resolve these drivers showed in demanding a union,” says Secretary-Treasurer Don E. Garcia. “And that resolve paid off. Their day one wage increases ranged from $2 per hour to $10.16 per hour. 

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