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Welcome new members at Reddaway

Teamsters Local 439 is proud to announce that the six clerical workers at Reddaway’s Tracy trucking facility voted for union representation and have already ratified their first contract.

During the two-month organizing drive, the employer held captive audience meetings and brought in people from around the country to encourage a NO vote. But the women of the clerical unit had seen how the drivers worked with their union and didn’t buy the opposition hype.

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Teamsters Local 287 wins Cemex driver’s job back

Teamsters Local 287  has won a fired CEMEX Ready-Mix driver’s job back with back pay, benefits and no loss of seniority.

The company fired the driver, Eddie Venancio, on January 25, 2018 alleging that he had “an altercation on a job site” nine days earlier after his truck was struck by a driver of a dump truck on a jobsite. Business Rep George Netto filed a grievance and the parties agreed to hold a hearing before an arbitrator.

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Freight drivers deserve better than a race to the bottom

Every day, millions of packages arrive at online shoppers’ doorsteps, after having traveled hundreds, even thousands of miles from ports to warehouses to delivery hubs and finally to homes. And in keeping with California’s climate goals, companies in the business of moving goods are being asked to cut greenhouse gas emissions in this heavy polluting sector.

However, freight and delivery companies are finding ways to pass on the responsibility of cleaning up fleets to individual drivers,

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RIP Mauricio Garcia – Allied Waste Services of Daly City

We are tremendously saddened and shocked to hear of the death of Brother Mauricio Garcia, who died on January 16, 2019 while performing his job with Allied Waste Services of Daly City. CalOSHA is investigating the cause of the incident.

Brother Garcia was an exemplary worker and loyal member of Teamsters Local 350 for 17 years. He worked side by side with his two brothers who are also long-time members. Their father was a Shop Steward at the same company for many years.

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15-day strike ends when members ratify new contract

On September 25, the Sun-Maid workers ended their 15-day  strike and returned to the job after reaching a new contract agreement with the corporation. The workers had been picketing for several weeks after negotiations between the company and the Teamsters union broke down.

The new agreement includes monthly medical contributions, competitive market wages, and increased pension contributions in the second and third year of the agreement.

“It’s about a nine-percent increase in value overall from the previous contract,” says Local 431 Secretary-Treasurer Peter Nuñez.

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