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New contract at Kelloggs

In 2021 and 2022, the workers at the Kelloggs facilities in Nebraska, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Kansas had to go on strike for up to three months to get a decent contract. When the contract at Kelloggs’ Eggo Waffle facility in San Jose was due to expire in June, that recent history was all too real for the 150 members and Business Rep Ray Torres. Fortunately, with two strike authorizations in hand, no strike was necessary and members got the best contract they’ve ever had.

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Labor roars back to the Capitol

In its first legislative conference since 2019, the California Labor Federation and State Building Trades Council brought back hundreds of union members to Sacramento on May 16 and 17 to promote labor’s legislative agenda. Joint Council 7 was there in force.

Every attendee had to take an on-site COVID test to gain admittance. Due to lines and the mandatory 15-minute wait time, many attendees (including this writer) missed several of the morning speeches.

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Local calls out AAA for closing branches during collective bargaining

American Automobile Association declares war on middle-class jobs

 Teamsters Local 665 is condemning the American Automobile Association (AAA) for closing branches in Yreka and Stockton, Calif. during negotiations, likely terminating the jobs of insurance sales agents who are currently bargaining for their first union contract.

“These workers chose to organize with us because AAA is outsourcing high-paying, middle-class careers into churn-and-burn, low-paying, high-turnover telemarketing jobs,” said Tony Deloria, Local 665 Secretary-Treasurer. “AAA needs to stop acting like a hedge fund and start acting like a membership association.

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It’s time to apply for a JC7 scholarship

If you have a child who is graduating from high school this year and can use some extra cash for college or vocational school, now is the time to have them apply for a Harry Polland/Bob Morales Joint Council 7 Scholarship.

Joint Council 7 is pleased to announce the Annual Teamsters Joint Council 7 Harry Polland/Bob Morales Scholarship Fund. This program will provide $1,000 to the child of one member in each of the following affiliated Local Unions: 70,

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Sacramento Rally — Taking UPS to the streets (and the Capitol)

How would you feel if, one day in January, you opened your pay stub and saw that your wages were cut by up to $6/hour? You’d probably be angry, wondering how a company that’s been going gangbusters since the start of the pandemic and has recently raised its prices to customers could do this to you. That’s just what happened to about 4,000 part-time workers at UPS—most at big-city hubs where the cost of living is highest,

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