Member Profiles

Felicisima “Emma” Horcabas – UC Davis Health System (Local 2010)

Felicisima Horcabas, also known as Emma, has worked at the University of California, Davis Health System for 25-plus years.

Her job title might be administrative assistant, but her work is interesting and diverse. She currently works at the UC Davis Chaplaincy Department, fulfilling requests from people of various faith groups asking for prayers, ceremonial healing, baptisms, blessings, etc. “I get to observe that religion crosses all races, genders, and cultures, and I get to schedule their meetings with their mutual faith group,” she says.

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Trina Johnson – UPS Richmond (Local 315)

Trina Johnson has worked for UPS at the Bayside hub in Richmond for 21 years, and she loves her work and her union. “I’m a gal in brown. With the uniform that you wear, you’re proud. During the pandemic, when everyone was in shutdown, we were out there, bringing good things.”

Dealing with different people each day is one of the most interesting aspects of Trina’s job. “You bond with your customers. It’s like we’re all family.

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Luis Estrada – Allied Waste Services of Daly City (Local 350)

As he waited for his school bus in 1980’s San Francisco, Luis Estrada would watch the garbage men running with their pack cans and picking up garbage every morning. Those Teamsters Local 350 members inspired young Luis to become a garbage man.

On August 2, 2000, Estrada began his career at Allied Waste Services of Daly City and as a member of Teamsters Local 350. “I was working full-time at the San Francisco Produce Markets and part-time with UPS in South San Francisco.

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Samuel Styles – Pepsi (Local 70)

Samuel Styles has been a member of Teamsters Local 70 and worked as a delivery driver for Pepsi in Hayward for nearly three years. He’s out delivering Pepsi products every day to Safeway and Lucky stores, 7-11s, neighborhood corner stores, and restaurants. “I’ve delivered to every city in the Bay Area in one week. It’s great because I get to see different things, like restaurants that I’d like to try.”

The benefits he appreciates most about being in the union are the medical and dental.

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Greg Doench – UPS (Local 315)

For 36 years, Greg Doench has been a package car driver for UPS, first in Concord and then in Oakley. What he enjoys most about his work is being outside and being active.

“My job allows me to work in the city I grew up in and that I still reside in,” he says thinking about the residential route he’s had for the past 18 years. “I get to see a lot of people that I grew up with,

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