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Best contract ever for Cannery Council

With an approval rate of nearly 90%, about 12,500 members of Local 601 and Local 948 who are part of the Cannery Council ratified their new three-year contract in July.

“These were the toughest negotiations that I’ve faced,” says Local 601 Principal Officer Ashley Alvarado, who led the bargaining. “We were negotiating with all new people who do not yet have a relationship with the Cannery Council or the workers.”


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WCCUSD members ratify first Teamster contract by 99%

In 2017, the 1,800 classified employees of West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) voted overwhelmingly to become members of Teamsters 856. And in June, they ratified their first contract as Teamsters, proving what can happen when working people stand together.

“Just one year ago we were welcoming these new members into Local 856,” said Principal Officer Peter Finn. “And now these members have ratified a contract they can be proud of that will positively impact their lives and their families’ lives.”

Gary Abeyta is a head custodian for WCCUSD and he was a part of the team that worked to bargain their first Teamsters 856 contract.

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Shuttle Bus Drivers seek good master agreement

On June 16, more than 300 shuttle bus drivers from multiple companies including WeDriveU and Loop Transportation came to the Doubletree Hotel in Newark to talk about the master contract that the union was negotiating with management. “We were glad to get a really good first contract three years ago,” says Business Rep Stacey Murphy, “but now is the time to ramp it up and make sure that our members are getting the most the union can negotiate.”

In fact,

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Concord UPSer saves man from burning mobile home

Jesse Gregory, a recently promoted service provider, was reaching a delivery stop along his route in December when he spotted white smoke wafting from a mobile park. Gregory observed the smoke worsening as it turned black. The UPSer pulled over his truck, threw on his hazard lights, and pulled in his mirror to further investigate the scene. He then started to hear a woman shouting in Spanish.

As he approached the park, Jesse realized that a motor home was on fire.

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Workers protest for campus safety and fair wages at CSU

Hundreds of skilled trades workers across the California State University system held protests on January 23, to call attention to the threats to students caused by years of neglect of campus facilities.

CSU has accumulated a $2+ billion backlog of neglected repairs and maintenance work, which continues to grow by $143 million a year.

“CSU raises tuition, but fails to invest in student safety and the safety of the workers who make the university run,” said Jason Rabinowitz,

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