Ricardo Barba – Recology Sunset (Local 350)

Ricardo Barba has been a dedicated driver for Recology for 30 years. His career began in 1990 with Recology Golden Gate; he then transferred to Recology Sunset in 1996. For the majority of his career, Ricardo has proudly serviced San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood.

“This career isn’t just about being a Garbage Truck driver; it’s about being an essential part of the community and servicing others. Waking up early or staying late at work is worth it, at the end of the day, knowing you will make a difference in one way or another,” Barba says.

“The past and present leadership of our Local has always been relatable and engaging with the members. They understand us very well and never let us feel like we were not protected or safe.” Ricardo adds that the most important benefits to him have been the protection of workers’ rights and job security but, he adds,  “most importantly, enjoy your job and have fun.”