Teamsters build low-emission buses for ABQ Ride

GILLIG, America’s premier heavy-duty transit bus manufacturer, built by skilled unionized workers represented by Teamsters Local 853, proudly announces the delivery of the first batch of 35 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses to ABQ RIDE in Albuquerque, with plans for an additional 18 buses later in 2024.

This milestone highlights the collaboration between GILLIG and its dedicated union workforce. 

“Our members at GILLIG, with the strong support of the stewards committee, have just ratified a historic contract with the company,” said Teamsters 853 Secretary-Treasurer and GILLIG Business Agent Steve Beck. “They are at the forefront of the low-emission vehicle industry and take pride in contributing towards a sustainable future. We were delighted to hear about the ABQ RIDE delivery and are excited to see more Teamster-built vehicles hitting the road soon.”