Strong members lead to strong contracts at Budweiser, Coke

An extremely busy past six months have rewarded members in both Fairfield Budweiser and Coke San Leandro.

Budweiser members stood strong demanding job security protections and wages to compete with the rising economy.

This resulted in practice pickets and multiple solidarity actions. Stewards Matt Tonn, Michael Hunt, Jamie Simmons, Miguel Vega, Brian Cook and Kris Wiggins assisted with crafting and furthering proposals, conducting a strike authorization vote, coordinating strike schedules, enduring grueling travel schedules, and ensuring membership remained knowledgeable of the issues and changes when they occurred.

They held the shop down despite corporate management’s unlawful direct dealing by emailing the membership proposals — twice!

The solidarity of the membership was rewarded with the best contract in AB history, overwhelmingly ratified by a margin of 4 to 1.

Members in Coke San Leandro are also all enjoying their newly ratified agreement, with vast improvements in all areas — and big wins in pension.

The committee — consisting of Stewards Ken Gomes, Sergio Garcia, Pauline Lu, and Juan Contreras — endured two weeks of marathon bargaining lasting well into the early morning hours. They all possessed the knowledge and desire required to ensure this agreement was the best in Coke San Leandro history, and it is by a long shot — resulting over a 99% ratification!

An additional first — Locals 70, 315, 853, and 896 will forever more combine bargaining for power in the very same collective bargaining agreement — a 30+ year goal!

Thanks to I.B.T. Western Region Brewery/Soft Drink/Beverage Division Rep. Pete Lamb for his active and necessary presence in both negotiations. Additional thanks to General President Sean O’Brien and Brewery/Soft Drink/Bakery Director Jeff Padellaro for putting I.B.T power behind the members’ demands.

Special thanks to Rich Fierro and Teamsters Local 70 for accommodating the long hours and hospitality.