Tony’s Fine Foods Teamsters to start negotiations

Local 150 Business Agent Conor Tobin has been appointed to lead multi-local negotiations for new members at Tony’s Fine Foods.

On February 27, Local 150 hosted a crucial meeting to address the upcoming contract negotiations with Tony’s Fine Foods. Under the ownership of United Natural Foods Inc., Tony’s Fine Foods delivers specialty grocery products to supermarkets across the country.

Notable attendees at this meeting included I.B.T. Vice President at Large Chris Griswold, I.B.T. Warehouse Division  Director and Central Region Vice President Tom Erickson, I.B.T. Director of Organizing Chris Rosell, and I.B.T. Western Region Vice President and Joint Council 7 President Peter Finn.

The focal point of discussion revolved around strategies and goals of the negotiations for a comprehensive master contract, encompassing more than 140 drivers spanning across four states in the western United States.

Local 150 Business Agent Conor Tobin, who has been appointed by Warehouse Division Director Erickson to lead the negotiations, is confident that a landmark contract for the recently organized members will be secured.

“The amount of solidarity exhibited by these workers and the tremendous cooperation between the local unions and the I.B.T. during the organizing drive will certainly translate into life-changing outcomes for our new members,” said Tobin.

It’s noteworthy that Local 150 currently represents over 1200 warehouse workers and truck drivers within the Grocery Industry, signifying its growing influence within the industry.