Largest economic settlement with Sysco in the nation

In March, the members who work at Sysco Foods in Northern California and Nevada ratified a new six-year agreement that offers the largest economic settlement with the company in the nation. The negotiations took more than four months to complete, in large part due to the company’s aggressive attempt to remove language that protects working conditions. The offer was only possible because of a coordinated effort between the IBT Warehouse Division, Joint Council 7, and Locals 137, 853 and 533. 

“Our coordinated effort sent a strong message to the largest wholesale foods distributor in the country that when you come into California/Nevada with the intent of taking away hard-earned Teamster benefits, you’d better expect a fight,” said Local 137 Secretary-Treasurer Russ Butler. “The negotiating committees fought long and hard, protecting everything our members have earned over the years while increasing job protections.”

Special thanks to the rank and file negotiating committees who worked tirelessly on behalf of all the Sysco Foods members.