UPS member speaks about forced overtime in national video

A Local 533 steward, Christina Phoenix, had an opportunity to speak to More Perfect Union videographers about excessive overtime at UPS. 

“The Local is very proud of Christina for standing up and speaking for her fellow brothers and sisters,” says Secretary-Treasurer Debbie Calkins. “It’s not easy to speak about this on camera, as UPS has a tendency to target members who put themselves out in the media like she did. But, her family and especially her son, is her world and the heavy toll of excessive overtime is straining her ability to take him to sports activities, make him dinner, or help him with homework.”

Calkins says that the story blew up and was even seen and retweeted by General President Sean O’Brien. “The fact that our small Local out of Reno, Nevada has members like Christina with the guts to say what is right and wrong continues to inspire us to stay militant and take the fight to our bad faith employers every day.”

The video poignantly addresses the problems UPS workers face working in stifling heat conditions as well as how forced overtime makes drivers even more vulnerable to the heat. 

“I pour my heart and soul into this company, and I love what I do,” Christina said on camera. “But we’re seeing more and more that they’re just looking at us as numbers. We are the face of the company. When I deliver a box, that customer sees me.”

When asked specifically about overtime, Christina is clear. “Oh man, to not have excessive overtime in my life… More time with my son. It would mean the world to me to be able to be more involved as a parent and watch him grow.” 

At the end of the video, Christina pleads with the company. “UPS, at least listen to what we’re saying. This is our job, we’re gonna show up every day and we’re gonna do it. But nobody wants to die.”

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