Keolis Transit settles 40 labor board charges

Keolis Transit has come to terms and settled 40 labor charges with Teamsters 533 for violations of the National Labor Relations Act. 

“These 40 charges, all resolved in the union workers’ favor, paints a clear picture of how the contractor for the Regional Transportation Commission mismanages public transit operations,” said Teamsters Local 533 President Gary Watson. “The settlement agreement was obtained as a result of our members’ dedication and resilience by standing strong together.”

The agreement includes a monetary settlement for two members who were retaliated against for honoring the picket line. “I am incredibly grateful for my union,” said member Rachel Drum. “They diligently protected me from retaliation by Keolis, who tried to coerce and intimidate me to cross the picket line. I refused and was terminated.” Drum will be returning to the job shortly, recouping all back wages and benefits.

During the contract fight, which lasted months and involved three strikes, the company committed numerous labor law violations specifically against female workers. “It is appalling that anyone be subjected to such draconian treatment. All of our members deserve safe working conditions free from harassment—this settlement is a victory for them all,” added Watson.