Member is “made whole”

After being wrongfully terminated by Land O Lakes in August 2018, 21-year employee Ron Arcino now has his job back with his seniority restored, and the arbitrator awarded him more than $100,000 in pay, pension and healthcare.

“When Ron was fired, the union immediately filed a grievance. The company promptly denied it, refusing to do a 2×2 panel as is called for in the contract,” explains  Business Rep Steve Nelson. “We took the case to arbitration, but Ron was out of work for the 11 months it took for the case to get heard.”

Ultimately, the arbitrator ruled that the company bypassed the progressive discipline steps and not only awarded Ron full back pay, they also determined how much overtime he would have earned, covered his health care and pension, and honored his seniority. Today, Ron is back to work, and is pleased to have been  moved to the day shift.

That’s the value of having a good union contract!