Members fight to restore salary steps

Teamsters Local 2010, in coalition with its sister union at the CSU system, CSUEU, has co-sponsored legislation (AB 369 sponsored by Assm. Weber) to restore salary steps for CSU employees across the state.

“This is a fight to restore basic fairness for CSU workers,” says Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 2010. “Our hard-working CSU members deserve to receive step increases like every other worker in state service, and we will continue to bring Teamster power to bear until AB 369 is signed into law by Gov. Newsom.”

Last year, Local 2010 mobilized more than 60 Teamsters Skilled Trades members for a successful lobby day in Sacramento for AB 1231, which also would have restored these steps. The legislation passed the state legislature with overwhelming support but it was unfortunately vetoed by then-Governor Brown. “With a new Governor in office, we will keep fighting for fairness for our CSU members,” Rabinowitz adds.

The CSU Skilled Trades members, along with all other CSU workers, have gone far too long without the annual salary step increases that are routine in public agencies throughout the state. This legislation would help ensure that years of loyal service are fairly compensated at CSU after 20 years without annual salary steps.

CSU has consistently opposed restoring these steps, so every Teamster member will need to stand together and take action in support of this critical legislation.