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Serving 100,000 men and women in 20 local unions
in Northern California, the Central Valley, &
Northern Nevada

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—Trina Johnson, United Parcel Service

I’m a gal in brown. With the uniform that you wear, you’re proud. During the pandemic, when everyone was in shutdown, we were out there, bringing good things.

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Our Local Unions

Our members work for freight and delivery companies; they also work in construction, dairy, beverage, food processing, parking, solid waste/recycling, hotels, shuttle bus driving, schools, public services, and many other industries.

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The Teamster Difference

Teamsters stand ready to organize workers who want to bargain collectively; Teamster membership provides workers with a voice on the job.

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Member Profiles

Miguel Gonzalez – South San Francisco Scavengers (Local 350)

With 53 years of union membership under his belt, Miguel Gonzalez is currently one of the most tenured members at Teamsters Local 350.

His story begins back in 1951 in Mezcala, a small town in Jalisco, Mexico. When he was 16, Miguel immigrated to the U.S. His career in the garbage industry began with the Daly City Scavengers on September 8, 1967. When he learned from his cousin that the wages at South San Francisco Scavengers were much higher,

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President's Report

JC7: United and building power to win for workers

Joint Council 7 continues our work to unify and strengthen our union to meet the challenges ahead.  Our Joint Council comprises 20 powerful local unions across Northern California and Nevada, representing 100,000 hardworking Teamsters in every industry. When we stand in unity, we have the power to win strong contracts, fair wages and working conditions for working people. Great challenges lie ahead in the coming year – our fight to win strong contracts at UPS and many other employers;

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