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Serving 100,000 men and women in 20 local unions
in Northern California, the Central Valley, &
Northern Nevada

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—Trina Johnson, United Parcel Service

I’m a gal in brown. With the uniform that you wear, you’re proud. During the pandemic, when everyone was in shutdown, we were out there, bringing good things.

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Our Local Unions

Our members work for freight and delivery companies; they also work in construction, dairy, beverage, food processing, parking, solid waste/recycling, hotels, shuttle bus driving, schools, public services, and many other industries.

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The Teamster Difference

Teamsters stand ready to organize workers who want to bargain collectively; Teamster membership provides workers with a voice on the job.

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Member Profiles

Yolanda Jimenez – Pacific Coast Producers (Local 856)

The union is us

For 16 years, Yolanda Jimenez has spent her summer months working in the canning area of Pacific Coast Producers in Woodland. She recently became a supervisor, overseeing the work of 15-20 other workers. “I’ve been there for a long time. Each July, when I go back, it’s like being with your family. Everybody knows you and greets you.” Yolanda just became a trustee for Local 601 and is excited to learn more about how the union functions. “Most of the people, we don’t know what the union does for us. But I’ve learned that the union is us…and if we can get more involved we can get more help.”

President's Report

Joint Council 7 Leading the Charge for Workers’ Rights and Public Safety this Summer

Joint Council 7 is firing on all cylinders, as our 19 powerful Locals continue to unite and build our power to protect and expand the rights of working people in Northern California and Northern Nevada. 

Joint Council 7 continues to lead the way in our fight to save our jobs and safe roads from dangerous driverless vehicles.  Our priority bill, AB 316, will require every autonomous truck over 10,000 pounds operating on California roads to have a licensed professional driver on board to ensure safety. 

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