What was useful and exciting about attending the Teamster Women’s Conference?

Jeanette Benitez

Mt. Diablo School District

Local 856

7-year Teamster

“I’ve met different people from all over the country and learn how their unions work. I particularly like the workshops — to learn how I can go back and be a better shop steward.”


Maia Bailey


Local 2010

1-year Teamster

“It’s my first conference and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I appreciate the variety of workshop offerings and the diversity of people from all over the nation. I’m excited to see so many Black women here and to hear about the movements in other parts of the country and other industries.”


Victoria Sinclair 

Butte County Social Services

Local 137

5-year Teamster

“I got the most info from a course on stress and the shop steward training. The best thing was the camaraderie with so many other Teamster women who were there. It makes you feel like a powerful woman to see all these empowered women!”


Michelle Jones

MTM Transit

Local 533

24-year Teamster

“I came because I learn how to be a better shop steward and find out how to deal with management more effectively. I get something out of it every year.”


Maria Perales


Local 853

19-year Teamster

“Each conference is different. Each has awesome information. There’s a lot about coping with COVID—how to get me and my members through it. Lots of education. That’s why I love coming!”


Angie Matthews


Local 665

Newly organized

“I’ve never been to a women’s conference. This is an amazing group of workers fighting for the same common goal. We work for fair wages and treatment. Unionization is the future!”


Darlene Bradley

Local 896

21-year Teamster

“I enjoy the coming together of women. The turnout was great, especially with the pandemic.”