Members in San Jose and San Francisco ratify agreements

The challenges of the economic downturn have made it difficult to push forward new proposals for improvements in working conditions in various industries. Nonetheless, Local 665 successfully negotiated deals at some high-profile locations that the membership approved.

Teamsters at San Jose International Airport (SJC) recently approved two separate contracts that include annual increases of 3.5% for hourly wages. Additionally, members will maintain their health benefit packages through the life of the four-year agreement.

“These members stuck together during difficult talks,” said Local 665 President Tony Delorio. “It has never been easy to bring improvements to this airport, as budgets are always tight. But, solidarity brought long-sought increases in hourly pay and benefits that our members say are essential in Santa Clara County,” Delorio said. The new agreement at SJC covers supervisors, auditors and maintenance workers at the main airport parking facility.

Local 665 hit a home run with the ratification of a new four-year agreement at the San Francisco Giants’ Oracle Park. The agreement includes improved vacation schedules where none were previously available, improvements to sick pay language, and annual wage increases that secure the highest pay in the “stadium special event” parking industry.

“Members recognize we are in tough times that prevent fan participation at the ballpark,” Delorio said. “This four-year agreement anticipates a resumption of regular play in the coming season, which we all look forward to.”