Local takes fight for Teamster jobs to City Hall

Local 665 members employed in the parking industry in San Francisco participated in a hearing in San Francisco’s City Hall in June that focused on recent reductions of Teamster positions in municipal parking garages.

The hearing was conducted by the Land Use and Transportation Committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

“We wanted the public to know these staffing cutbacks affect both safety and service in these city-owned facilities,” stated Local 665 officer Tony Delorio. “I think our message is being heard.”

Supervisor Ahsha Safai, a member of the committee, was alarmed by the number of cuts at many of the garages.

“If there weren’t people (Teamster members) in that garage, I would not want my wife parking in that garage,” said Safai, referring to the reductions of parking workers. Addressing the city agency responsible for ordering the cuts: “You’ve literally reduced something that was our first-class jewel. It sounds like people hate it now,” Safai said.

During the hearing the Board Chamber was packed with members wearing Teamster logos along with customers of the city garages who came to oppose the cuts and testifying in favor of restoring Teamster positions.

“Our members work with these customers every day. They are as concerned as we are about these drastic reductions of Teamster staff positions. We appreciate partnering with our customers, and are grateful for their support,” Delorio said.

The hearing concluded and further action is expected later this summer. Local 665 officers will keep the membership informed of developments as talks with city officials progress.