Big fight at Tracy Logistics for one new member

Teamsters Local 439 represents about 443 members at Tracy Logistics in Stockton, so when their lone Pest Control worker asked to organize, we didn’t think it would be a problem for the company to add one more classification to the existing contract.

Unfortunately, due to greed and the need for control, the company denied the union’s request for card check using an “Armour-Globe” election, which easily allows non-union units in an otherwise union shop to join the union. “They took us into NLRB hearings to deny this one worker the right to be union,” says Secretary-Treasurer Ken Guertin. “The company spent thousands of dollars on legal fees to try and stop this one worker from joining the union.”

In the end, we had to hold an election for the lone worker. The company held union busting meetings that they forced him to attend. “This did not detour the employee’s determination to be union. In the end it was a close vote: 1-0 in favor of joining the Teamsters!” Guertin says.