Strong contract at Allied Waste Daly City

Teamsters Local 350 representatives began negotiations for a new contract with Allied Waste in March, 2018. After months of talks, the team came up with a contract that includes maintenance of benefits and a significant wage increase that the members ratified by an overwhelming margin.

“The negotiation process was lengthy and heated at times,” said 18-year member Ignacio “Nacho” Miranda who served on the negotiating committee. “Juan, Sergio and John worked very closely with us to make sure our concerns and demands were addressed during negotiations. It was an honor to take part in the negotiations and witness our union representatives fight for us. I’m very proud of being a member of a strong local. We fight together and we win together.” 

“It was great to see John and the new union crew utilize all that they’ve learned from former Secretary-Treasurer Bob Morales, who was a master,” said Luis Estrada, an 18-year member and also part of the negotiating committee.⁣

“I am pleased with the significant improvements we made in the contract,” said Local 350 Secretary-Treasurer John Bouchard. “Negotiations went much longer than we would have liked, but our members were strong, united and prepared to hold out as long as necessary. Ultimately, their unity paid off.”