Retirees reconnect at 59th annual luncheon

Teamsters Local 2785 recently hosted its 59th Annual Retirees Luncheon, a heartwarming event that brought together retired members to reminisce, share stories, and celebrate the camaraderie that has defined their longstanding connection.

The luncheon provided the opportunity for retirees to reconnect with former colleagues, friends, and union leaders. Amidst laughter and nostalgia, attendees recounted tales of challenges faced, victories achieved, and the sense of solidarity that characterized their time as active members of the union.

Principal Officer Joe Cilia took the opportunity to address the gathering, acknowledging the retirees’ invaluable contributions to the success of Teamsters Local 2785. Cilia highlighted the significance of the retirees’ dedication and hard work in building a legacy that continues to benefit current and future members.

The 59th Annual Retirees Luncheon not only celebrated the accomplishments of the past but also emphasized the enduring spirit of unity and solidarity that defines the Teamsters Local 2785 community. As retirees left the event with smiles on their faces and a renewed sense of connection, it was clear that the bonds forged during years of hard work and shared goals would continue to endure for years to come.