Excellent Butte County contract

Local 137’s bargaining team for the second Butte County contract—Business Agents Misty Tanner and Derek Hawley, and a crew of stewards—are proud of the new contract that they negotiated and the members overwhelmingly ratified in June. 

“This is a significant offer,” says Tanner. “Because we pushed the county to conduct a Classification/Compensation study, some members will see wage increases of as much as 24.12%, bringing their wages in line with neighboring counties.”

Tanner explains that the three-year contract provides protections for and increased contributions to the medical plans. Members will also see one-time bonus payments of $2,000 in year one and $1,000 each in years two and three, as well as increases in standby pay, bilingual pay, and the boot allowance. 

“I am so thankful to be a part of Teamsters Local 137!” said Teri Punzo, Child Support Specialist II. “After four years with the County and Teamsters, I have been nothing short of impressed with all their hard work, communication, and commitment to securing not only a much-needed pay increase but health benefits as well.” 

Sheryl Hassett, Child Support Specialist II, is also thankful to the Local for “all their hard work in securing a much-needed pay and benefits increase!” Noting that the benefits and services she gets with the Teamsters far exceed what she got with her previous union, Sheryl says she’s been “impressed by their communication to the members and emphasis on teamwork. I am proud to be a Teamster!”