The recall election is bad for California and bad for Teamsters — Just vote no!

By Rome Aloise —

Millionaire Republicans who want to roll back the clock on California’s worker protections are funneling big money into a campaign to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom. Let me be clear: If they succeed, we’ll lose many of the big gains we made on higher wages, pensions, health and safety, and a lot more.

To protect our contract, wages, and health care, I ask that you join me in voting NO on the Recall.

Who is behind this Recall?

It is a national network of very rich anti-union funders who are taking aim at our pensions, wages, health care and voting rights. They have spent millions to put this special election Recall on the ballot.


Because they couldn’t win in the last election with a union-busting candidate, they put a “special election” on the ballot, which always has a much lower voter turn-out by union members. They want to control California by pulling a fast one on California’s working folks. It ticks me off. I hope it does the same to you, too.

How does the special Recall election work?

There are two questions on the Recall ballot. First: Should Governor Newsom be recalled? My answer is “NO!”

Second: Who do you vote for to replace Governor Newsom? My answer to that is, “NONE of them!”

All the candidates trying to replace the Governor have one thing in common: A long history of attacking unions. And an anti-union candidate could win with only 10% of votes cast!

That means someone with an extreme anti-union agenda could sneak into office and attack everything we’ve worked so hard for as a union. One of the leading replacement candidates, right-wing radio talk show host and Trump backer Larry Elder, said it’s a “big myth that unions help workers.” And he said there should be NO minimum wage.

California’s laws to protect workers are the strongest in the nation. Under Gov. Newsom’s leadership, we’ve secured major gains for our members and all workers. But this Recall isn’t really about Gavin Newsom or any one individual. It’s about millionaire funders trying to strip away our wins on wages, health care, and pensions just to make themselves even richer.

According to the latest polls, those who support the Recall are highly motivated to vote in this election. Those who oppose the recall are much less bought into the process. Apathy could be the real winner in September.

We can’t afford to allow wealthy anti-union special interests to seize control of California. Please join the Teamsters Union and VOTE NO! on the anti-worker Recall! 

Together we will STOP this Republican power grab! And we will stop a Trump-follower from taking over California!

Ballots will be mailed around August 16. When your ballot arrives, please join other union members by returning your ballot right away (no postage necessary) and VOTE NO on the Recall!

Jason Rabinowitz, President