I’ve never been prouder to be a Teamster

By Dave Hawley —

On the morning of November 8, in Paradise California, a fire broke out that ultimately destroyed 90% of the town and much of the surrounding area. Over 120 Teamster families from UPS, Sysco Foods, Aramark Linen, Paradise Irrigation District, Land O’ Lakes, Bimbo Bakery, Pacific Coast Producers, Farmers Brothers Coffee, Coca Cola, US Bakery, Butte County, and TransDev, lost their homes. Many more were among the 52,000 who have been displaced and cannot return to their homes. 

Within days the impact on our membership became apparent. Our Local donated $20,000 with other Locals and the Joint Council generously chipping in substantial donations for some quick economic relief. I contacted the International, and they immediately pushed through a donation of $150,000 from the IBT’s Disaster Relief Fund. 

This outpouring of generosity has not gone unnoticed by our members or the community. Our newly organized 1,000-member unit at Butte County (2016) was hit especially hard. Many not only lived in the area, but also worked at County offices in Paradise. These new Teamsters really stepped up, many providing housing for their co-workers who were displaced. Over and over again, they expressed their pride in being part of a national union that really comes together in a time of need. 

More help will be needed as the recovery will be slow and will take years. We will continue to provide assistance as donations allow. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Donations can be sent to:

All Charities Teamsters

250 Executive Park Blvd. Suite 3100, San Francisco CA, 94134

Donations are tax-deductible: Tax ID# 94-3039754

UPS contract ratified

The National and the Northern California Supplement/Rider contract were all ratified. Out of the 209,043 members eligible to vote only 92,604 (44.3%) voted. With less than 50% of the members voting, the IBT Constitution requires that two thirds of those voting would need to turn it down or the contract is considered ratified. Only 50,248 voted to reject which was only 54%, not the 66% threshold required. Therefore, the contracts were deemed ratified per the IBT Constitution. 

A few supplements in other areas of the country were not ratified. Those Locals are going back to the table on the supplemental issues only. Once all are settled, the members will receive retroactive wage and pension payments back to August 1, 2018.

Jason Rabinowitz, President