He’s back!

I am pleased to report that I have returned to my elected position as Secretary-Treasurer of Joint Council 7. On December 23, 2019, my friend and partner, Rome Aloise, has been re-installed and affirmed by a vote of the Joint Council 7 delegates, resuming his former elected position as your President.

In December of 2017, I felt it was my responsibility and duty to step up to the President’s position during Rome’s absence. The last two years, though difficult and challenging, have also been very rewarding.

Our Joint Council continued to move forward, endorsing and electing more candidates and passing more labor-friendly propositions than ever before. Our largest contract at UPS was settled with excellent increases in wages, pension, fully-paid medical and more job protections than any previous settlement. The few employers, politicians, and one of our own who decided to test us, due to the change in leadership, were sorely disappointed. 

I can’t thank the Joint Council Board enough for assisting and taking on new responsibilities during Rome’s absence. In addition, many of our local union leaders stepped up, taking on responsibilities of area-wide negotiations that Rome had previously been responsible for. Special thanks to Doug Block for keeping our political agenda on track, guiding me through the pitfalls of politics, and supporting all our Locals.

As a result, we are all more experienced and better prepared as a Joint Council to represent our members and support Rome as we grow and take on the many challenges we face.

Thanks to all. It was my pleasure and honor to serve as your President. I am sure Rome will hit the ground running, and I look forward to continuing to support him as leader of our Joint Council.   

Rome Aloise, President