Joint Council 7 TEAMSTER

FEbruary / March / April 2018
Volume 63, Number 1

The back story: About the Joint Council leadership change

Since 2009, Joint Council 7 has been presided over by Rome Aloise—a visionary leader and dedicated Teamster. As President, he led the Joint Council to vast success in organizing new industries; in gaining legal ground for workers, locally and statewide; and in negotiating some of the best contracts in the industry, (see story on page 1). As head of the pension investment committee, he has helped make the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension the largest and strongest multi-employer plan in the nation.

However, he was brought under scrutiny by the IIO—the investigative arm of the Teamsters (formerly known as the “IRB”). After a two years investigation and a three day hearing, in her penalty ruling released on December 22, Independent Review Officer (and former federal judge Barbara S. Jones stated the following:

“First, there was no discernible financial benefit to Aloise as a result of his actions; said another way, he was not motivated by greed...or that he entered into any quid pro quo deals with employers. Aloise’s conduct...did not involve deals to undermine ongoing union hiring or direct harm to members.”

Nevertheless, she suspended Aloise from holding elected or appointed office with the Teamsters for a period of two years. The Joint Council’s officers stand behind Aloise, who remains an active Teamster member, and hope to welcome him back to leadership when the two-year period expires.

The Alameda County Central Labor Council— the coalition of all unions in the county—is honoring Rome as their “Unionist of the Year” this year on May 25.