Joint Council 7 TEAMSTER

October/November 2017
Volume 62, Number 4

Joint Council 7:
A major player at IBT Women’s Conference

More than 1,100 women and men from around the country attended this year’s conference, which included dozens of workshops on unionism, history, and leadership development and speakers about the impact of politics on our union, and Teamster successes over the last year—including many from Joint Council 7.

Photo of JC7 Women's Delegation with President Hoffa and Secretary-Treasurer Hall

Above, the Joint Council 7 delegation takes a photo with IBT President James Hoffa and General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall at the Women’s Conference, held in San Antonio in September.



Clockwise from top left: Local 2010 President Catherine Cobb; Local 856 Business Agent Jeanette Bradfield; Tammy Mozer, new member in Contra Costa County; Local 601 Principal Officer Ashley Alvarado; Kristin Heidelbach-Teramoto, Director, California Cannabis Division; Joint Council 7 President Rome Aloise

Marsi Newman
hangs up the voter lists

Photo of Marsi Newan

Marsi Newman came to the California Teamsters Public Affairs Council (CTPAC) in 1990 to work as an administrator, filing reports and sending out political donations. She retired in September, with a legacy of having set up the massively successful Teamsters political field program.

“Marsi invented our grassroots political program from whole cloth,” says CTPAC Director Barry Broad. “We gave her authority but we had no idea how to get the job done. She just made it happen, which is remarkable.”

Joint Council 7 Political Director Doug Bloch concurs. “Marsi had her fingers in all the political success that we’ve had in California. We had no field program—no phone banking, no precinct walking; we barely made endorsements. She worked with our locals to do voter registration and set up the DRIVE fund. In the last election cycle, we ran the largest field program around candidate races that we’ve ever done. Marsi built the foundation for that work.”

Bloch adds that she never asked for credit; she just wanted to get the job done right. “That’s the hallmark of a true leader.”

“She’s basically irreplaceable,” Broad adds. “We’ll need three people to accomplish what Marsi did.”