Joint Council 7 TEAMSTER

August / September 2017
Newsletter Volume 62, Number 3

How does the anti-labor agenda and
Right-to-Work impact your membership
and what is your local doing about it?

Marty Frates, Local 70
Principal Officer

“The real issue is the gig economy. You might make a quick dollar but the company pays no payroll taxes, social security, Medicare, workers compensation, state disability, health and welfare, pension… This undermines Teamster pay and benefit structures — not only for our contracts but the countr.”

Photo of Marty Frates

Dave Hawley, Local 137
Principal Officer

“We must educate our membership to fight off the antilabor/ right-to- work agenda in Washington D.C. Member contact is imperative! Plans/programs are already in progress, in conjunction with the other Joint Councils and the IBT, to take on these challenges. I encourage all the members to get involved to protect our wages, benefits and working conditions.”

photo of Dave Hawley
Tino Copado, Local 287
Principal Officer

“Our Local has put a political coordinator in place for our members to have up-to-date information on the politics concerning organized labor and workers’ rights.”
Photo of Tino Copado

Don E. Garcia
, Local 315
Principal Officer

“We are talking to our members about the risk of ‘free riders’ and how this will have a financial impact in the way we represent our members for years to come. ORGANIZE! ORGANIZE! ORGANIZE!”
Photo of Don E. Garcia

John Bouchard
, Local 350
Principal Officer

“Communication and education are extremely important. We will be meeting with our members and Shop Stewards to discuss the negative impacts of so-called rightto- work legislation, as well as other anti-labor issues.”
Photo of John Bouchard
Peter Nuñez, Local 431
Principal Officer

“Fortunately, in California, we have so far successfully pushed back attempts to enact right-towork legislation. As union leaders, we are obligated to engage and educate our members and their families on the negative impact Right-to-Work laws would have on us all. We can’t let working people fall victim to the right-to-work-for-less big business agenda.”
Photo of Peter Nuñez

Mark Gleason, Local 665
Principal Officer

“Today’s economy makes it clear that, while financial growth is exploding, wages remain stagnant. And wage stagnation is the direct result of the loss of a voice for working women and men. Strong union membership maintains that voice, and will restore it for those who are not yet union members.” 

Photo of Mark Gleason

Peter Finn, Local 856
Principal Officer

“Right wing appointments to the Supreme Court and cuts to the Labor Board and to worker protections will have a significant impact on workers’ rights and union bargaining power—first and especially for our public sector workers. We will continue to educate our members about the rights that the union has won for them so that they will fight for the union."

Photo of Peter Finn

Crescencio Dias, Local 890
Principal Officer

“Right-to-Work already impacts Local 890 in Arizona where 35% of the members, instructed by their employers, refuse to pay dues. These non-members still demand more services than those who pay dues. Of course, we would prefer to use the union’s resources to organize the unorganized and improve wages and working conditions for more workers. Right-to-Work destroys what the workers have fought for. We need to educate our members that going back in history and starting all over is not worth it.”

Photo of Crescencio Diaz

Adam Ochoa, Local 948
Principal Officer

“The attack on working people has never been stronger than it is today. Right-to-work is the ultimate anti-worker agenda, and we will continue to educate our Business Agents and Shop Stewards to deliver this message to our membership.”

Photo of Adam Ochoa

Joe Cilia, Local 2785
Principal Officer

“Right-to-Work is simply a further erosion of workers’ rights to have a level playing field with employers. Our Picket Program enables us to interact with our members face-to-face and educate them about anti-labor issues and the importance of electing labor-friendly politicians—from the local level, to state and federal office.”

Photo of Joe Cilia be continued!