Joint Council 7 TEAMSTER

August / September 2015
Newsletter Volume 60, Number 3

What does "Teamster Strong" mean to you?

Kevin Long, Local 517
Advanced Food Products

“Unity. With unity, we have the power to negotiate and work as one. It was amazing to see everybody come together for the Drug Rehab cause in Ohio—that’s meaningful.”

Photo of Kevin Long
Manuel Rodriguez, Local 601

“That we are powerful. United and strong we stand; divided we fall!”
Photo of Manuel Rodriguez

Lilia Sandoval
, Local 890
Dole Fresh Vegetables

“It means we’re a big movement. We’re here to vote for the people who will look after our pensions and benefits for the next five years. I’m proud to be a 41-year Teamster.”
Photo of Lilia Sandoval

Elizabeth Hernandez
, Local 948
Con Agra Foods

“It means that we’re united. We’re a team, working together to get something done. It’s great to hear from leaders from other unions; we can feel the solidarity.”
Photo of Elizabeth Hernandez

Pablo Ramirez
, Local 315

“The definition of a Teamster is coming together to help a brother to fulfill his dream to build a rehab center that will help others. That’s Teamster strong.”
Photo of Pablo Ramirez
Catherine Cobb, Local 201

“It means empowerment. When you learn about your rights as a union member, you can be more confident and not have to worry about retaliation.”
Photo of Catherine Cobb

Fred Wilshaw, Local 431
Harris Ranch Beef

“It’s simple: I have a voice. I matter and I’m not a number.” 

Photo of Fred Wilshaw

Lacey Johnson, Local 665

“It means a lot to me. It’s about the unity. As I learned the ropes about being a union member, I realize the power we have. Coming here, I learn how things work at the higher levels of the union.

Photo of Lacey Johnson

Lisa Chin, Local 856
Delta Dental

“When a group of people get together, lots of us become very strong. Many of us need help from being abused at work, and the Teamsters are there for us.”

Photo of Lisa Chin

Gary Briggs, Local 853
Young's Market

“It’s about the power that the Teamster leadership has to get important bills passed and to negotiate good contracts. Being a union member, we have rights...and a pension.”

Photo of Gary Briggs

Ken Moody, Local 70

“It means that everybody’s working together to make this a bigger union. The convention has been inspirational and educational every day.”

Photo of Ken Moody