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February 2015

Facebook shuttle drivers win middle class jobs by organizing with the Teamsters Union

Compass Transport -- the next domino to fall in Silicon Valley

Photo of shuttle drivers casting ballots to approve their contract

In November 2014, nearly 90 shuttle bus drivers for Facebook contractor Loop Transportation voted to join Teamsters Local 853 under the leadership of Rome Aloise. On Saturday, the drivers voted in favor a contract that will bring significant wage increases, paid health care, retirement, and better working conditions.

Under the contract, drivers now making $15-20/hr. will see their wages increase to $21-29/hr. They will enjoy fully paid family health insurance, paid vacation, holidays, sick days, retirement, and more.

These drivers are challenging the notion that high tech can’t do better for a diverse workforce, as the majority are people of color and include many women. They join a growing movement of labor and community organizations, including SEIU USWW, UNITE HERE, Working Partnerships USA, the South Bay Labor Council, and religious and community organizations who are challenging income inequality in Silicon Valley in an innovative campaign called Silicon Valley Rising.

On Friday, February 27th, roughly 120 shuttle drivers from Compass Transportation, which serves Apple, Yahoo, and others, will have an election to join Teamsters Local 853. The vote coincides with the official launch of Silicon Valley Rising at historic McDonnell Hall, recently designated a State Historic Landmark as the birthplace of Cesar Chavez’s community organizing efforts. On Friday, Chavez’s legacy will spark a new generation of organizing in the heart of high tech!