Joint Council 7 TEAMSTER

August / September 2014
Newsletter Volume 59, Number 3

Why do you support the Taylor Farms workers?

Lisa Sandoval, Local 890
Dole Fresh Vegetables

“The Taylor Farms workers need a
union so they can have benefits and
job security and respect. And we can
help them and their families. I’ve been
a Teamster for 40 years, and I know the
benefits of having a union.”

Photo of Lisa Sandoval
Joe Aguirre, Local 439

“So the workers can be treated fairly.
Some of the stories you hear about
working there are unbelievable. They
get written up for leaving their stations
on break.”
Photo of Joe Aguirre
Jesus Herrera, Voted to join Local 601
Taylor Farms

“I’ve worked at Taylor Farms for eight
years and am still considered a “temp”
worker. I’ve seen people work injured.
Every time I see someone not treated
right, it makes me fight even harder for
this union.”
Photo of Jesus Herrera
Joe Arce, Local 601
Hormel Foods

“We’re supporting the Taylor Farms
workers so they can enjoy what
Teamsters enjoy. They don’t know what
they’re missing.”
Photo of Joe Arce
Esperanza Villegas, Local 948
Seneca Foods

“We can show our support for the
workers so they won’t be afraid. My coworker’s
mother got fired from here.
I’m here for her too.”
Photo of Esperanza Villegas
Tim Dodenhoff, Local 853
Formerly worked at VWR

“This company is treating people
unjustly. It’s unbelievable how they
take advantage of their workers.”
Photo of Tim Dodenhoff
Carrie Russell, Local 517

“I’m here to show solidarity. It’s important
to stick up for our potential brothers
and sisters. We need to show them
it’s worth it.”
Photo of Carrie Russell
Johan Filicky, Local 315

“I’m third generation Teamster/fourth
generation union. When I lived in
Hawaii, I watched the food industry get
unionized and the workers’ lives got
better. I want to see that happen with
these guys.”
Photo of Johan Filicky
Troy Mosqueda, Local 2785

“I just want to support the workers
from being discriminated against, bullied,
intimidated. They need fair pay
and deserve to be treated fairly. Stop
the war against workers!”
Photo of Troy Mosqueda
Regina Natermen, Local 2010

“The workers are just trying to organize
themselves to get their rights and they
voted. Let it count. This is unfair. It’s
David against Goliath.”
Photo of Regina Naterman