Joint Council 7 TEAMSTER

Volume 58, Number 3

Joint Council hosts educational seminar for union reps and leaders

Photo of Teamsters at seminar by Pablo Barrera, Local 601

On June 24-26, Joint Council 7 sponsored an educational seminar for more than 200 Teamster leaders, business agents and key active members from every Local in the Council. The purpose was to keep the union leadership updated on the latest in labor and workers’ compensation law changes, to learn about other legal issues that might impact Teamster members, and find out what the Joint Council is planning in terms of organizing and political action.

Several lawyers from the Beeson, Tayer and Bodine law firm took on training the group about all of the legal issues. Political Director Doug Bloch made a presentation on “Organizing Central California,” and talked about how organizing for electoral victories will open up new opportunities for Teamster victories. Professor William Gould IV, former chair of the National Labor Relations Board, talked about the current status of the Board and the impact that has on union organizing efforts.

Workshop and presentation topics included NLRB essentials, Public Sector Labor Law, Bargaining Strategies for Recalcitrant Employers; Obamacare and Collective Bargaining, Dealing with the New Generation of Human Resource Managers, and many more.

Thanks to everyone who made this impactful seminar possible,” said Joaquin Ramirez, Shop Steward, Teamsters Local 601. “This training keeps those of us who aim to fight for Teamsters’ rights knowledgeable about the issues, laws and current events affecting all Teamster members. And knowledge is power!”