Joint Council 7 Victories

Membership continues to grow!

Teamster commitment to Latino community earns Kings County Loyalty

Last month, over two hundred employees of Marquez Brothers Inc. in Hanford (Kings County) voted to join Teamsters Local 517. The primarily Latino immigrant workers help produce dairy products for the largest distributor of Mexican consumer products in the country. Unfortunately, threats and rumors of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials raiding the plant began circulating immediately following the election, but the workers are holding strong.

During the same week, a Teamster-supported project registered over 500 Latinos to vote in the City of Hanford, reflecting our commitment for Latinos and workers of all backgrounds to have a voice at work and in their local government.

With this victory, Teamsters Joint Council 7 has grown by over 10,000 new members since 2010! And we continue to be the largest union of food chain workers in California.

See for more details about Local 517's inspiring victory.