2011 2nd Annual Harry Polland Joint Council 7 Scholarship Winners

The following children of Teamster members received $1,000 from the 2nd Annual Harry Polland Joint Council 7 Scholarship Fund to be used toward their college education. Congratulations to them all—the Teamsters are proud to help them as they pursue their educations and careers.

If you have a child entering college in 2012, watch this newspaper next spring for the announcement. Applications are generally due by July 1 of the year they’ll begin school.

Alejandra Cabrera of Local 890

Alejandra Cabrera
Local 890

Ashaki Nadine Scott of Local 912

Ashaki Nadine Scott
Local 912

Brianna Rene Dendauw of Local 533

Brianna Rene Dendauw
Local 533

Gabriella Zanini of Local 439

Gabriella Zanini
Local 439

Edgar Moya of Local 948

Edgar Moya
Local 948

KayLoni Norris of Local 87

KayLoni Norri
Local 87

Margret Schreiber of Local 287

Margret Schreiber
Local 287

Ruben Moody of Local 150

Ruben Moody
Local 150

Stacy Canales of Local 386

Stacy Canales
Local 386

Thomas Freitas-Osofsky of Local 70

Thomas Freitas-Osofsky
Local 70

Uriel Martinez of Local 517

Uriel Martinez
Local 517

Vanessa Vinoya of Local 853

Vanessa Vinoya
Local 853