Local 853

Warehouse, Wholesale Liquor Salespersons, Milk Drivers & Dairy Employees, Construction & Building Materials, Newspaper & Periodical Drivers and Miscellaneous Union

Local 853

San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Marin and Contra Costa (Dairy) Counties, California

Main Office Contact

Photo of Local 70 Headquarters

  • 7750 Pardee Lane
    Oakland CA 94621
  • Phone: (510) 895-8853
  • Fax: (510) 895-6853

West Bay Division

South Bay Division

  • 1452 N. Fourth Street, Suite C
    San Jose CA 95112
  • Phone: (510) 746-3305
  • Fax: (408) 573-7418

Other Contact

Membership meetings are held the second Thursday of the month 7 p.m.
Click for meeting schedule and locations.

Officers & Staff

Secretary-Treasurer, Vacancy
President, Dennis Hart
Vice President, Lou Valetta
Recording Secretary, Stu Helfer
Trustees, Scott Gonsalves, Joel Bellison, Mike Fritz
Business Agents, Jesse Casqueiro, Steve Beck, Bob Galves, Daniel Harrington, Stu Helfer, Dennis Hart, Lou Valetta, Adolph Felix, Lon Schmidt, Efren Alarcon, Lennie Kuhls, Stacy Alvelais, Ray Torres, Phil Ybarrolaza
Organizers, Rodney Smith, Tracy Kelley
Office Manager, Lydia Pinedo
Office Staff, Jennifer Casqueiro, Kim Drinkward, Janice Johnson, Lennie Kuhls, Hilda Cornejo, Lauren Hasan, Lupe Ramos